My 2019 vision board

My 2019 vision board

There are a few things I’d like to happen in 2019 besides happiness and health. I’d love a cure for multiple sclerosis but I’m a realist so my vision board needs to be too.

  1. My handicap van. This is still not a certainty because of funding but it is number one on my vision board out of necessity.
  2. My finances. To be debt free and have a surplus in the bank.
  3. My weight perception. I’d like to be healthy and have a healthy body image perception. That may not be thin but I am eating right and exercising. I like eating a plant based diet. I like my fruits and veggies.
  4. I’d like to start utilizing the gym in my condo. I already use the pool but I’d like to add back in the weights for muscle and tone.
  5. Re-read A Course in Miracles the book. Continue with the workbook and help support others who are looking for guidance.
  6. Take no day and no person for granted.

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