Making room for 2019

Making room for 2019

This was shared by my life coach to me and I knew I needed to share this with my readers.

She writes: Since it is officially New Year’s Eve, I thought I would share with you a few things that you can do to welcome in 2019 and all it has to offer. 
Step 1: Out With The Old
What you’ll need: A bowl of water and one alka seltzer, Efferdent, or Polident tablet
Before we start thinking about goals and intentions— It’s helpful to take the time to clear space for all of the possibilities that the new year has to offer.  How you can do this is:
1- Take some time to identify any thoughts, feelings, behavioral patterns or experiences that are not serving you or that cause you to feel discomfort.  
2- Ask yourself if you’re willing to release these thoughts, feelings, behavioral patterns and experiences.
3- If so, sit in a short meditation while holding an Alka Seltzer/Efferdent/Polident tablet in your hand.  As you’re breathing, imagine that this tablet represents all of the thoughts/feelings/patterns/experiences that you’re preparing to release.
4- When you are ready to let them go, open your eyes, and place your tablet in a bowl of water.
5- As you watch the tablet dissolve, ask the Universe to help you to let go with ease and move forward with faith.
Step 2: In With The New
What you’’ll need: A piece of paper, an envelope, a stamp, and a pen
If you intend to multiply and increase experiences that you’ll be grateful for in 2019— it’s helpful to take the time to be in the energy of gratitude as 2018 comes to a close.  How you can do this is:
1- On one side of a piece of paper, write a letter to yourself (or the universe).  In this letter, include a list of the people/places/things/experiences that you’re grateful for, as well as how you’ve grown, or anything you may have learned in 2018.  
2- On the other side of the paper, write a letter to yourself (or the universe) about what you would like to learn, change or embrace in 2019.  
3- Then place this letter in a self-addressed stamped envelope and ask someone you trust to send it back to you next December.  
*(I did this in a blog post about my year in 2018 and what I’d like to see in 2019. It wasn’t in letter form but I believe it counts)
Bonus Round
What you’ll need: 5 minutes (give or take)
Rather than create a list of specific goals/intentions for the year ahead—it’s helpful to choose a theme.  How you can do this is:
1- Take a few deep breaths
2- Ask yourself, “What do I desire? What do I crave?” to help you identify a theme for the year ahead
*Some examples of themes are:
– Rest & Replenishment
– Inspiration & Creativity
– Letting go
– Advenure
– Abundance 
– Health & Wellness
– Romance
3- Say to yourself, “The theme for 2019 is…….”
4. When you’re living your life & making decisions over the course of the year, you can ask yourself, “Are my choices/actions in alignment with my theme?”

(I choose Abundance for my theme of 2019)

I wish everyone a very happy healthy New Year.

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