My ugly toenail fungus

My ugly toenail fungus

A few years ago I got a pedicure, as the warmer weather always dictates we should. Except this year I caught a nail fungus on my foot. It started out on one toe, on one nail but didn’t stay that way for long. I saw my regular doctor about it and he gave me some type of cream. When that didn’t work he sent me to a podiatrist. He wasn’t comfortable prescribing anything stronger with me having MS.

Well thanks to my weakened immune system the creams that the podiatrist prescribed also didn’t help. Now it seemed that the fungus was on three toes and my feet were getting uglier. Unfortunately he explained that the creams don’t have the greatest curing rate and my immune system doesn’t help. He wouldn’t prescribe the Lamisil without my neurologist approving it. This was an oral drug but still only had a 70% chance of curing the fungus infection and can have side effects on my liver. Since so many of my MS drugs affect my liver my neurologist didn’t think the pros outweighed the cons.

Now it’s years later and I have ugly ties that my aid covers up with nail polish every month. I see my podiatrist to file off the fungus nail but this will be yet another thing I will have to live with. If anyone had another cure they used, I welcome the comments. Happy hump day.

Forever in socks.

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  1. Hi- I had the same scenario and the same reservations about the Lamisil. I tried a few natural remedies and third try worked!! Fungus free for three years! It requires diligence- Buy straight tea tree oil AND straight oregano oil. Mix 3 part tea tree and 1-2 part oregano oil. 4 times a day (at least) take a and saturate the toenails. I did all my toes twice a day and the visible fungus four times a day. You cannot wear any polish while you are doing this . Be careful of your skin, oregano oil is seriously potent stuff!! It took almost three months but as they grew out the fungus went away! I read about this on Dr. Axe’s site if you want to look it up. He had dietary recommendations also, which I 50% followed. Good luck!! I rarely paint my toes anymore and no more pedicures. A couple times a week I still put it on after a shower- just in case, lol.

    1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have all natural oils and I tried the tea tree oil but not with oregano. I hate tea tree near my dogs. I am definitely going to try this.
      Oregano oil is awesome I use it anytime I feel like I’m getting sick.

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