The morning stillness

The morning stillness

There isn’t a wind blowing outside which makes the water completely still. This is one of my favorite views. I could easily capture this in a photo because the water isn’t moving in a picture. Now imagine that in person, just complete stillness. There isn’t a boat, a ripple or a current disturbing the top of the water.

I have a thing for the quietness of mornings like this. When my dogs aren’t barking, no one is in my house other than me and outside there is a gentle sound of the world. It’s peaceful. It’s like this in the middle of a snowstorm when the world is a blanket of white yet I find it more peaceful when I can see my water.

When I was looking into a place to buy I had to make a choice. I had a dream to foster English bulldogs but I needed a yard to let them out in, my MS had progressed where walking a dog was out of the question. However I also wanted the view of the water. I couldn’t afford a place that offered both. I chose the water and days like this I know why.

I’ve always been drawn to the water since I was a little girl. My favorite place to be was on the boat with my dad. I didn’t appreciate the water, I was a kid, but I loved it. I think the appreciation came years later when he moved back to the water after his divorce. I could sit for hours looking at his view. Even when he moved to Florida he had a water view and I found just sitting outside so relaxing staring. I do that at my own place I stare and I find it so calming.

It’s mornings like this that make me so thankful for my condo. I love the silence of these mornings. It is better than any meditation. It is the calmness that sets my day. An appreciation I learned from my dad so long ago that is still so influential to me today.

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