A busy weekend to start the week

A busy weekend to start the week

Busy, busy, busy. A fun but busy weekend indeed which is slightly unusual for me. Friday, I was able to babysit, more like keep company, with a little girl who is as sweet as they come and like a niece to me. We had a great day and did so much. We went in the pool, out for lunch, bathed both dogs and even made cookies. It was a jammed packed day and a lot of fun. My dogs were exhausted but it was only the beginning for them as well.

Saturday I had my Firestick friend and his daughter over. His daughter is so cute and she loves my Zoey a lot, most people do.

I couldn’t even count how many balls were fetched or how many cookies were given out to my fur balls. My friend and I just chatted while putting in new programs on my Firestick’s. I think I got to sleep at 12am which is very late for me.

I was woken up 7:30 when my Marshmallow jumped over me barking at my closed bedroom door.

I was not ready to get up but once he was up my Zoey was up and that was it for sleeping. I decided to do Turbo Jam Fire with Chalene Johnson on Beachbody. That was super hard but so fun. I watched Glow on Netflix for most of the afternoon until my sister came to visit. This was the best part of my weekend because I haven’t seen her in so long and I missed her. She bought me beautiful flowers and veggies from her garden in Saugerties it was so nice. My little sister even FaceTimed while she was here. We did try to call my dad all together but it wasn’t working. It was disappointing because it would’ve been neat but we had to give it up. Today I’m meeting her for lunch after my double therapy.

Busy, busy, busy I think I’m ready for the week so things go back to normal. Wishing everybody a wonderful week as always. Hope you all are feeling well.

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