A community in my condo

A community in my condo

There was a sign on the elevator in my building

Knowing I was going to be home all week I definitely planned to stop by. I really had no idea what it was about but I’m always up to meeting people in my condo.

When I walked in I was the youngest person by about 20 years except for one other person. This get together was to start a little weekly club for all of us home daily. Mostly the retired senior citizens that are around. Before I knew it we were discussing how often to meet and weekly dues for the snacks.

At first I was like what did I get myself into but as the get together went on we just talked about other things like our dogs and building management and I felt a part of the group despite the age. I was excited actually to sit with another 13 people who are also around most afternoons most of which I really didn’t know. It is what I wanted to have in my condo, a community and this is a start. I am looking forward to our next week meeting. We are playing various games.

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