English Bulldog as a service dog

English Bulldog as a service dog

My daughter comes home for the weekend. Very happy about that. Haven’t seen her since the week after school started in August. I’ve missed that cute face. She got this great job at school working for a dog daycare called Camp Bow Wow. She loves it not only because of the dogs but the people. It is the nicest most supportive jobs environments I’ve ever witnessed. Luckily there is even a location close to us at home that she is going to go to and meet the owners for a job when she is home. She looks forward to going to work. She loves it there. However in Albany there are no French bulldog, English bulldog or pugs. No smushy faces.

Speaking of dogs…Yesterday I was on Facebook looking at my various dog pages I belong too for both French and English bulldogs and I came across an English bulldog that a guy uses as a service dog. Since I would qualify for a service dog and would love for that dog to be an English Bulldog I wrote to him immediately. He is a disabled vet and breeds the bulldogs. He has trained one of the pups, now 7, as his service dog. He started early and the big guy is now a 70lb service dog. Most service dogs I come across are the Labradors so it was exciting to know I could possibly one day have a beloved English Bulldog again. My Boomer is gone 3 years this December and I still miss him immensely.

The gentleman gave me his number so I could call and ask questions. We will see because getting the dog is only part of the equation, training is a whole other aspect.

Anyway once again it’s Friday. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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