A tough decision when safety comes first

A tough decision when safety comes first

I had another fall the other day. I wouldn’t say it was a bad one but I did hit my head on the toilet bowl. It didn’t even register as a fall in my Apple Watch. I kind of fell in slow motion and nothing hit hard but my head. I’m left with yet another bruise and another lucky incident. I’m going to run out of those. I think that life on my feet is at an end. Safety first!!!! I’m safer in the wheelchair especially when I’m alone. That is my other issue.

My aid, whom I love, has had a lot of issues where she hasn’t been able to be here. I changed to a system where I govern my own aid instead of an agency. It has advantages and disadvantages. The major disadvantage being if my aid isn’t here I’m responsible to find my own replacement. Unfortunately, with her and her young sons health recently these days off are becoming problematic. A replacement isn’t available. My falling has raised the question if I should even be alone on weekends and now it seems each week I’m alone on average at least one weekday. That isn’t really working out too well for me or my safety. My aid whom I’m comfortable with, I laugh with, I like having around me for hours on end and who is part of my family might have to be replaced by an agency aid. She won’t go back with an agency, we’ve had this discussion, she hates how they govern their employees. I just need the agency to supply aids and back up aids when a person can’t come in. There are other issues with my aid as well that affects my care that aren’t mentioned here but are also major contributing factors. I am so sad over this because I love her. She’s very good to me. I just think I need to look after my own safety. I’m still torn. I was hoping by writing about it I’d get some more clarity. I unfortunately didn’t.

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