My neurologist and me 22 years later

My neurologist and me 22 years later

It’s Friday and I’m exhausted. A shocking statement from me, right? Why do I feel like this week was so long? It just feels like I did a lot this week when I really didn’t. I am not even done. I’m off to my neurologist this morning. This is my normal MS neurologist, not the specialist. Neurologist was as expected. This is my neurologist that diagnosed me almost 22 years ago. He treats me more for my various symptoms where my specialist does the main MS drug I take. This is a regular check up but as I’ve written many times, The psychology behind the neurologist check up, there is still a little sadness when I go. I prefer to go see him than my specialist, that I can say. After 22 years of going to this office, they all know me pretty well. I have a long history with my doctor. He has been with me from day 1. I know one day he’s going to retire and I’m dreading that day because I’ve seen most of the other MS doctors near me at some point in the last 22 years and I don’t like most of them.

Years ago, when I was taking Gilyenia, I became a patient speaker for the drug. I was so happy to be off of shots and on a pill, I was a Gilyenia superfan. I would go to various dinner engagements and talk. The dinner had always two speakers, myself and a doctor. I met a lot of the doctors with the big MS practices during these meetings. Some of the doctors were great and informative. I actually learned things about MS. Some were assholes who were there to get a check a leave ASAP. However almost all of them would recognize their patients in the audience but wouldn’t remember their symptoms, their other compromising health problems, sometimes not even their names.

My neurologist was different. My neurologist wasn’t a MS specialist but he’s a top neurologist. It is just him in the office, still to this day, and two secretaries, the same two. He has always known who I was, what my issues are and anything else relative to me. He may not remember the date of my last mri but I do have a thick file so I let him slide on some things. To me that has always made a difference. I’ve seen some off the big doctors in my area but felt like I was one of many pushed through an appointment. My neurologist will spend as much time as I need with him, always has, regardless that nothing can really make things better. I just want to sidebar because my MS specialist in the city also takes as much time as I need never rushes but I got her through my neurologist. His daughter went to med school with my specialist.

I think I rambled on in this post and I’m going to have to leave. My point is to everyone find a doctor or neurologist that you are happy with because it does make a difference when dealing with a difficult disease.

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