A person meant to be in your life

A person meant to be in your life

It is a rainy, foggy and dismal day in New York. I am staying in my pajamas today and watching movies on my Firestick and couldn’t be happier. My stepdad will be over in a little while and we’re going to watch a couple episodes of Jack Ryan season two. Until he gets here and cuddled up with my puppies drinking my morning coffee. I’m just loving my life. Yesterday my handsome Firestick friend was over with his daughter. They bought me a great holiday gift. 

How cute is that? It even has the two faces just like my two faces of my dogs.

I did get for him serenity oil from Doterra which I got him hooked on for sleeping, however didn’t come yet. That’s OK, it will just give me another excuse to see him.

It’s so amazing how our friendship began. I actually met him when I was selling my first hover round wheelchair in the mist of moving from my apartment to the condo. Since I just got notification on Facebook of the post from two years ago when we signed the closing paperwork, I guess I could say that Firestick boy and I have now been friends a little over two years.  I feel like it’s so much longer. We just instantly hit it off. As he bought my wheelchair he told me about the Firestick. He ended up back at my apartment that night and we talked for hours. Here we are two years later just from answering an ad on let it go. We had a moment or two of intimacy but it just fizzled and the friendship got stronger. He is one of my favorite people and I love his daughter. She is so sweet and beautiful already. Good thing daddy hunts to protect her.

Sometimes people are there at the right time, in the right place that you’re supposed to meet. Firestick boy and I have discussed on many occasions the spiritual side of life and seeing things from different angles. Something that I don’t normally talk about with my other friends.  he came into my life at that time where I was still learning how to be spiritual yet advanced enough to understand. We helped each other grow because he was almost in the exact same place. He wanted to change just like I did. It just helped the bond be stronger and made our friendship real on a different level without any bullshit. I think it is this reason that we became instant friends. We were destined to meet. He was definitely sent from a higher power and was meant to be in my life. A really good guy that deserves so much happiness. 

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