It’s almost Christmas time at my sisters

It’s almost Christmas time at my sisters

Isn’t it crazy how fast November and December go? It always amazes me. It was just my birthday at the end of November and now I’m planning my trip to go to my sister which is always for Christmas. We’re leaving in a week from Sunday. This has become our families thing to do every Christmas holiday. We go to my sister in Saugerties and spend that week with her and her husband. Now it’s her husband, her and her two foster kids that she shares responsibility with her close friends. These two beautiful kids that are twins that have lost both their mother and father. They are now 11 years old and their life has dramatically improved because they’re surrounded by love.

This is when they came to me over the summer. First time they met my dogs. My sister doesn’t have dogs. How cute are they? I’m excited to see them because I haven’t seen them since that time they were here. There’s nothing cuter than kids opening presents. Even though we technically celebrate Hanukkah, the Christmas tradition has started because it was the time when the family was all together to open gifts. It just became a day to be together, open gifts, have breakfast and go to the movies. I think this will be the third or fourth Star Wars movie were seeing on Christmas Day. I just know that the tickets have already been purchased. 

This is the first year will be taking my van so that means my wheelchair. I’ve never been in my sisters house in my wheelchair. Since in the winter the outside water is shut off, which means the outside shower is shut off, the only showers are upstairs. Showering is the one obstacle we needed to figure out. I think I’m gonna be going to her gym to shower. Not the most home friendly but not much we can do. I’ve always slept downstairs in my sisters house on her couch. My mom and stepdad sleep in the downstairs room and the couch is right outside that room. I have no idea when I started sleeping on the couch. There might of been one or two times I slept in the upstairs room but I actually love her couch and I sleep great. Everything I need is on that level except for the shower. She really has the most beautiful house and I’m so excited to go. I feel like it’s been a while since I was there. It was probably last Christmas. Normally I go a few times a year. This last year was just too much of a challenge. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and I can make more than one trip a year up there.

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