My back can’t always hold me up anymore

My back can’t always hold me up anymore

I slept so good last night. I went to before 10:00 and slept through until 4am. Then went back to sleep until almost 9. That’s some quality sleep right there. I was woken up by my dogs running to greet my aid coming through the door. Otherwise I might have slept even longer. Guess I was tired. I’m always tired.

Today is mahjong. I love mahjong but I didn’t hold up so well last week. Actually let me rephrase that, my back didn’t hold me up so well last week. That is what happens sometimes and not just with mahjong if I’m sitting up in a chair, or my wheelchair, for a period of time my back can’t continue to hold me up. I start to bend over. Remaining in that seated position becomes harder and harder and I start to lean on my arms to one side or forward on the table. Anything but upright. I’ve hit this point at various points an hour, three hours even not at all. Like all things MS it varies in degree and I can’t predict when it will happen. Some days I’m great, some days I’m awful. Last week was awful and it took away from my enjoyment of the game. Hopefully this week goes better but I’ve learned never to expect anything from my MS symptoms. If I have to leave early again than I will.

A few people in my building will be teaching a few others in my building how to play mahjong so we could have a game in the building as well. That would be great especially when the weather turns bad during winter. I know I talk about this game all the time but it really is so much fun. I get disappointed when my MS gets in the way and prevents me from playing or enjoying myself. Even as my back is going out I still continue because I love playing and I don’t want to stop. It is why I come home from mahjong completely exhausted as if I exercised or swam in the pool. It is crazy the simple movements of picking and throwing a tile can exhaust my body so much but it does. However each week I look forward to going and hope for a good MS day. No matter how long I last it is worth being there. So I’m off to get ready now. Wish me luck with good hands.

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