Happy New Year to Everyone

Happy New Year to Everyone

  • So did you make your New Year’s Resolutions? I don’t make resolutions based on a day in the year but I do have things I’m focusing on in 2020. I’m excited for those tell you about those things.
    1. I’m doing Gabby Bernstein’s 21 day manifesting challenge https://gabbybernstein.com/manifestingchallenge/. I’ve never done anything like this and Gabby has never offered anything like this. It starts January 1st so it is like a New Years resolution but I have the ability to access it anytime
      A Course in Miracles. I took a little break and now I’m starting again at the beginning of the year. I want to do the workbook lessons again as I have done for 3 other years. One lesson each day for a year. I truthfully don’t need the beginning lessons but I’ve never started on January 1 so this time I actually wanted to. Not a resolution because I practice the course everyday in my thinking but still a new focus.
      WW formally weight watchers. I already joined so it isn’t a resolution but my mindset and focus on diet has changed. I now have the WW coach to talk to and that has been a help in my frustration. It isn’t about the number for me it’s about healthy eating and exercise to the best of my ability. She is helping me level out that frustration and balance what I already know. Whatever has been going on I’m doing the right things and I can’t beat myself up every week. It is out of my control. I can control what I’m eating, how much and exercise. Tracking helps me see everything and WW puts me on a healthy sustainable diet. I just can’t keep punishing myself for this weight gain when I’m eating 1200 calories or less. It is beyond me.
      The best version of me. I am spiritual and with that I’ve learned to stop hating others and holding grudges for things I have deemed wrong. I try to see life in a positive eye because it is so much better that way. I try to see people in their best form as they were also created to be. I look at life as a gift to be grateful for and to say thank you everyday. Regardless of my Multiple Sclerosis. I have my moments as we all do but this is my goal everyday I wake up. This is my daily focus no matter what day it is. I choose to look at life with love.

    It is a pretty simple list. In the end I just want to continue to find happiness in the simple things I find happiness in now. I’m thankful for so many people that are in my life that have made such an impact on me. I’m thankful for the ones that are no longer here that I will never forget. Life is a gift even when you have a chronic disease like MS. It is up to you how you live if. Happy New Year.

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    1. Good morning and Happy New Year to you and your family, Yes, we made it to 2020 and we will hopefully make it in good shape to the next decade. I am glad that you have new challenges for next year, including losing a little weight, which also happens to be a goal of mine too. Let’s support each other in our new quest for a slimmer frame. By the way, last month I assisted to a great course on the latest therapies in MS and I did remember you in a flash that crossed my mind. Since I am extremely superstitious , I am enclosing a link to that article below. Bises.


      1. Good morning and thank you so much for passing along the information. Happy New Year to you and your family. Hopefully their success will continue to journaled on your blogs. I am committed to a healthy diet as always. I’m hoping the weight falls off as a result. Stop posting your pictures of those amazing looking meals and that would help. ?. Best wishes.

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