Multiple sclerosis medication and Liver

Multiple sclerosis medication and Liver

Weather is changing in NY. The days are longer and I’m seeing boats going out on the ocean. I once again find myself staring out my balcony window thrilled that there has still been no construction on the hotel that will block my view from my chair. I one day will have to sit on my balcony to get lost in my view but so far, today is not that day.

I’m feeling better now. The body aches have left, the headache have not. I’m powering through. I was able to get a nice sweat on during my workout which actually helped. I felt like I was releasing some of the toxins the infusion put in my body. I am big at making sure I drink a ton of water after an infusion to flush out all shit that goes into my veins. As if that really does anything. I’d like to believe it does. Every pill or infusion o take is just more my liver has to try to filter out somehow. Some of my pills I’ve been taking from almost the beginning. That is a long time ago. I know my liver is checked every year but I wonder sometimes what happens if it stops filtering all these drugs. 2

23 years is a long time to have MS. I might not have been doing infusions for that long but I’ve always been taking some disease modifying drug.

Elevated liver enzymes are a regrettably common complication of multiple sclerosis and its treatments

Shocker!!!! It never ends does it? If the liver enzymes elevate, the doctor might stop the therapy drug or switch it and see if the levels normalize. Then you and your doctor go from there.

I thankfully have not had elevated liver blood tests. However I still do drink plenty of water thinking that it makes a difference getting the drugs through my system. It might not move the Rituxan through but maybe it helps with one of the 9 other prescription drugs I take. Bottom line is get your liver enzymes checked yearly at the very least. Early detection is always best.

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