Rituxan infusion pre-meds sickness

Rituxan infusion pre-meds sickness

Hopefully I am through the worst of it now. Yesterday was pretty bad. I believe my exact words to my mom were, “I am four breaths shy of death”. There wasn’t a spot on my body that didn’t hurt. It’s a good thing these infusions happen every six months because you have plenty of time to forget. I can even go back and look at past blog posts and see exactly how I felt. However, it’s a little different each time. I know that once I get through this stage,which is a direct reaction to the actual infusion pre-meds, I will mostly be tired. How long I’ll feel that way, that is the part that can vary.

I spent the weekend on my comfy chair with my puppies. I started and tried to watch about 10 different programs. I think I might be running low on things to watch on TV. I have things to watch but in my fragile misery, nothing was gripping my attention. I finally found Rivera, a show I watched the first 2 seasons and forgot about. That kept me entertained. I need to start reading again. I use to be a big reader and just stopped. I wouldn’t be reading in my current state of mind and body but I think I’m slowly running out of program options. I actually put on an episode of Keeping up with the Katdashians. I’m hitting TV rock bottom. However, I am enjoying Rivera season 3.

Life goes back to normal now that this infusion is done. Well as normal as it is within the world of Covid. With more and more people being vaccinated I wonder how long until mahjong starts again. More importantly I wonder if I could sit in the wheelchair for a game. That is a question for a later time. I am now just going to focus on today and worry about mahjong another day. Let’s see how the rest of the week goes.

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