Feeling fine still but attitude needs an adjustment

Feeling fine still but attitude needs an adjustment

So far I feel fine since my Rituxan infusion, although I am all too aware it won’t stay this way. After being on Rituxan or Ocrevus for the last 4 years you kind of get a feel for these things. I do have to say I don’t feel bloated from the infusion. I think it is because I drank so much water. For some reason my mouth became Sahara desert dry during and the night after I received the medicine. I drink a huge jug of water normally during the day and I had to refill my cup.

That did result in many trips to the bathroom. Yet to not have that horrible bloated feeling might have been worth all those trips.

My attitude is still pretty cranky. I haven’t yet broken out of that. I am incredibly mindful of my attitude, or at least I’m trying to be. I’m so grateful for my dogs. It isn’t just for their unconditional love but they’ve been making me laugh. I bought these new squeaky balls for them.

They have been playing with them non stop. I even had to take it away last night so they would go to bed. In the afternoon Minx fell asleep with the orange one still in his mouth. It was so funny. They’re running all over the house with these things. I only gave two at a time which turns out to be a very smart decision. However if one of them gets caught under the couch or my chair, Zoey will bark until somebody gets it for her. Ny puppies have been thoroughly entertained and in return they have thoroughly entertained me.

I suspect my weekend might be difficult. I might not feel well. From there I will feel just tired for a week or two. I’m happy to say another infusion down. It’s the thought that they will never end that has definitely soured my attitude. A realization when the conversation of a port was introduced. A IV port. I just never thought that far down the line. For now I can only focus on today. I think that’s the only thing I even want to focus on. I’m relieved I did all I needed to do before my infusion that I can now just relax.

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