A IV port

A IV port

It took 4 needle sticks to get my vein for the IV yesterday. Not only stressful but painful. I may have dulled sensation on my skin but it certainly still feels needles. This was my nurses 5 infusion with me. Each time it is getting harder and harder to start the IV. Yesterday this process took us almost an hour. We had to break out the heating pad to try to warm my arm up. It eventually helped, but it was one vein that she had to repeatedly try to to hit because not others popped up. She recommended that I think about getting a port.

That shocked me, a port??? I get this infusion once every 6 months why would I get a port. A permanent tube in my chest to administer medicine.

That’s a little extreme, isn’t it? Also prone to infection if I’m correct. Why would I need that??? All very valid questions and a valid response but so was her reply. Between the Raynaud’s giving me such poor circulation and the amount of steroids I’ve taken over the years my veins aren’t going to be able to hold an IV at some point. However the real kicker was that my disease isn’t going anywhere and even if my drug treatment changed, chances of it being some type of infusion won’t. I will be on some type of drug for the rest of my life.

Well that was a pill to swallow. It wasn’t that I thought one day I wouldn’t be on any MS drug, I just didn’t think how long that really was. To get a port for a twice a year infusion, I just don’t know if that makes any sense either yet an hour to start an IV is ridiculous. This one I have to discuss with my doctors for sure. I have a video conference with my specialist next month. Right now I am far from the right head space to think about this. I didn’t sleep well and I’m very cranky. I’m glad I can say this infusion is complete.

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