Today, yesterday and the week

Today, yesterday and the week

I woke up this morning with a headache. Not the way I wanted to start my day. It is going to rain. Thankfully it isn’t a migraine. I actually haven’t had one of those in a while. Hopefully I don’t jinx myself. I have a happy day today. Lots of people coming over. My sister and her kids but more importantly my aunt and uncle. I haven’t seen them since before the pandemic started. I lived a few blocks from them for 18 years. I loved being that close. I moved to my condo and shortly after they moved. Now we aren’t so close, I miss them. I wrote about them on my blog. I’m looking forward to everyone being here today. I don’t have time for a headache.

It’s been nice here. No humidity, until today. I had my windows open and the breeze was delightful. The other night the full moon was over the water and it was so gorgeous. I took pictures and it looks like I took them during the day.

That was pretty spectacular if you ask me but I love my view. You can see the moon light hitting the water. I can get lost in the view and often do.

It’s Friday, again. I had a quick week. I walked my hallway with my upright walker picking up my foot as I go. I highly recommend this to anyone with multiple sclerosis. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

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