What you doing this holiday weekend?

What you doing this holiday weekend?

Friday again. Got big plans for the 4th of July weekend? I have been staying close to home on this holiday since I brought Boomer into my life 15+ years ago. When a 70lb bowling ball jumps into your lap cowering in fear, you tend to start adjusting your plans.

My Marshmallow and Zoey were always fine with fireworks but Minx is not. https://multipleexperiences.org/2021/06/28/firework-anxiety-in-minx/. Let’s be honest now, where was I going anyway. It’s hot and humid out, I’m in bed before 10 and I’m usually pretty low on the energy scale by the time 5pm hits. I love to socialize when I’m up for it but I am always better off at home. I have finally learned to say NO to things that are just difficult for me and ask people to make adjustments. My friends and family understand. It took me a long time to ask. We do dinner at my house. It isn’t the fanciest of settings but we laugh and chat and make a nice evening. I invited people over for the 4th of July because being up 4 floors with nothing blocking the sky view, you see fireworks going off everywhere. It’s really kind of cool.

Yesterday my town was supposed to do a firework show. This one is set off at the park in the front of my building. I have a very good view. However, it poured and they were postponed. I’ve been in this condo for over 3 years. I’ve invited my mom and stepdad every year to watch these fireworks. Every year something happens. First year I had the wrong date. The second year they were away. Third year was Covid. Now it poured. It is postponed and I hope they come back become it is really neat seeing them so close and we really have a killer spot to watch them. It wasn’t a disaster I’ve been watching Yellowstone with them so we watched a couple of episodes. I’ve already watched the series but I loved it and am happy watching again. Check it out, it is really good.

Well I’m off to begin my not so busy weekend. Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday.

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