New addition to my workout

New addition to my workout

Is the summer over yet? I’ve already had enough of the heat and more importantly the humidity. I am thankful for my hair straightening giving me one less thing to worry about. I was never a fan of the summer even before my diagnosis. I was never one to cherish the sun. I have very fair skin so I burn easily and then I turn right back to my white complexion. I’m the perfect comparison for anyone who wants to feel good about their tan because everyone is darker than me. My daughter’s father’s family was Greek and she has this amazing olive skin tone. She tans beautifully in the summer. I use to call her my cinnamon munchkin. She loves to compare her arm color to my arm color just for laughs. She may laugh but me staying out of the sun has given me a very young skin complexion for my age so Ha.

Despite the heat and humidity, in PT yesterday I walked further than I ever had with my therapist. I was also super fast. At least fast for me. I was even impressed with myself and that’s saying something. I not only walked far and fast but I was able to get my foot off the floor. I didn’t drag my feet at any point. Truth was I possibly could have gone even further but I was worried that I would feel too tired on the way back to my door. I was fine. A little tired but nothing terrible. I’ve been a lot worse on much shorter trips. I just hope that it marks the beginning of something good and it wasn’t a fluke thing. We all have those days too.

I added something new to my workouts. I’ve been looking at this product for a long time and I finally decided to go for it. It is not cheap but I knew that it could possibly make a very big difference for me both in weight and workouts. It’s called Bionic Gym. I actually joined the Facebook groups before I made the purchase. The real people that are using this device is why I choose to try it on myself. I’ve been using it consistently for a week now and already I feel the difference. I think that was my key to walking yesterday. Time will tell though and I’m happy pretty confident that this is a game changer.

Tomorrow I walk again. Today I had a super intense workout and feel great, despite the heat. I hope everyone stays cool because it’s hot out there. Happy hump day

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