Distended stomach, possibly the MS Hug

Distended stomach, possibly the MS Hug

My Firestick is set up with a photo album called puppies. It is the random pictures that are used on the screen like a screensaver. I have over 300 photos in that album and yet the same pictures would appear every single time. It has been this way for 6+ months. All of a sudden this past week it is showing some of the older photos in that album. I’m seeing pictures of my Boomer and Marshmallow I haven’t seen in ages. I find myself waiting until the screen goes into screensaver mode to watch my pictures. It’s been sad but at the same time nice to remember taking the pictures of them. ❤️❤️

So on a multiple sclerosis note. I’ve been having difficulty in the bathroom area again. This time it isn’t accidents, it’s the slow movement. My stomach has become so distended I appear to be 8 months pregnant. It has been horrible. I’ve had some release so I know I’m not blocked or anything but it hasn’t been significant. If it isn’t one way with me it’s the other. This morning I was able to use the bathroom, 3 cheers, but once again not enough. I also had this terrible gas like pain. It felt like an enormous amount of pressure. However, it isn’t in my abdomen region, it was on my right side by my chest. I stretched and exercised thinking it was just a gas bubble and that would get it out, but it didn’t. So I went to google…

I put in anything I could think of regarding my distended stomach and multiple sclerosis. I found this https://multiplesclerosis.net/forums/ms-hug-abdominal-distention. MS hug??? Could that be part of the problem I’m having with my stomach? Where the symptoms might not be exactly the same they describe their abdomen like I’ve described my own. I’m not saying that constipation isn’t part of the issue but could the “hug” be another part?

The MS Hug I never heard of until I started blogging. I describe my symptoms differently but they probably have fallen into the “hug” category for a long time. Every so often I wake up feeling like I smoked 2 cartons of cigarettes. I’d feel all this pressure around my lungs. It was difficult to breathe but it never lasted any extended amount of time. I was probably experiencing the “hug” sensation all this time but never gave this feeling a name. After learning about the “hug”, I gave my symptom a name. Now I’m wondering can the feeling have moved down into my stomach/diaphragm region causing my distended stomach and bathroom issues?

I hate taking gabapentin in excess of the 100mg I take daily. It makes me loopy. Yes I’m home and my aid is here but still. I might be diagnosing myself. Yet let’s be real, I won’t be doing anything bad if I take an extra dose or two seeing if that helps. I’m actually prescribed 3 daily. I don’t take that much, don’t need to. Anyway I guess I will see what,if anything, I will do. Anyone else have this issue, would love to hear from you.

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  1. Hi, not sure if you are experiencing an MS Hug? Probably different for everyone. My experience is a numb feeling all around my waist like have a girdle pulled tight around my waist with no feelings. I have used Neurontin for years when I feel the Hug coming on, seems to do the trick 🙂

    1. Well I took my higher dose gabapentin aka neurontin and the pain on my side finally went away. Not sure it was the hog either. Even when I would wake up feeling like I smoked cartons of cigarettes and I would have that pressure in my chest my doctor didn’t even know if that was really the hug. All speculation. My stomach is still completely bloated I have no answer for that

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