I pressed the med alert button

I pressed the med alert button

I got the Covid booster on Wednesday. I felt okay until the early morning hours of Thursday. That’s when I started feeling achy. I attempted to go to the bathroom and I didn’t have the strength to get myself off the toilet. Thankfully I was able to get myself up from my wheelchair. If I knew that this would be the beginning of the horrible day I was about to have, I wouldn’t have done anything different because I couldn’t have done anything different. That fall because I lacked strength was the first of many for the day.

I slept almost all day. I had my aide here and even with her guidance I still had a slip onto the floor and couldn’t get up even with the chair. I just lacked any strength in my body. It was not only scary but a horrible experience. By this time I have had about 4 falls. My knees are completely bruised and cut because of kneeling to try to get in the right position for the wheelchair to pick me up. I was feeling better by the end of the day and my strength returned.

I decided to sleep on my big comfy chair. It’s just easier to get up from the chair than my bed. However when I woke up all the aches and pains were back again. I had no strength it was gone. Of course, I had to go to the bathroom. Now I’m alone it’s a little before midnight. I got out of the chair fine and into the bathroom but I literally fell off the toilet in my attempt to get up. I tried to get myself up with the wheelchair but I didn’t have the strength. I couldn’t position my legs where I needed them to go. By this time the bruises on my knees were also killing me from all the activity earlier that day.

I tried calling my mom’s cell phone but when she didn’t answer I didn’t want to call them at the house. I knew I needed help. I was crying in frustration and sick with horrible aches. I looked down at the med alert button that has been around my neck for 5 years and I pressed the button. They had my door code and called for help. The only thing was they asked me if they wanted me to call my parents and I said NO. It turns out they called anyway.

EMS and the police department arrive fairly quickly. They were able to help me align my body to the wheelchair and let the wheelchair do most of the work to get me up. I just really needed help getting myself positioned. They got me to my comfy chair. They gave the dogs a little attention. I took another three aspirin.

Med Alert called to check on me and I told them thank you. Then at the phone rang and it was my stepdad, so now I knew that they got a phone call. Now they were all nervous and more upset that I didn’t call them. Then the phone rang again and now it’s my mother and she’s crazy because well, she’s a mother. It couldn’t be easy getting this phone call after midnight from med alert about your child. There was a reason I didn’t want them called when they didn’t answer the first time. I could’ve told them what happened this morning. I didn’t need to ruin their night too.

Thankfully I’m doing a little better today. I was able to get my strength up and move. However I’m taking the day off and not doing anything other than showering. Five years this button has been around my neck and I finally pressed it yesterday. I must say one thing, my little puppies for very lovable as I saw crying on the floor yesterday. They made this horrible situation just a smidge better. That’s why I love them.

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