Out of my routine

Out of my routine

I’m anxious today. I’ve had too many days already out of my normal routine and today is no different. I have to get the covid booster at 12 and game day in the building is at 1. I just finished exercising and getting dressed but I feel rushed. It didn’t help that I smacked my head on these ridiculous metal bars that are right behind my head on my wheelchair. All I need to do is not lean back straight and I smacked right into them.

Obviously today was not the first time it happened. Yet today hurt a ton. I’m sure I’ll have a lovely lump on my head within the hour.

I just wanted a few extra minutes to put on some makeup. I did a drastic haircut and wanted to take a picture without looking half dead. Such a simple thing and I started rushing to get done. I couldn’t get my bra on got tangled and aggravated. Threw my head back and BANG I hit that metal pole. Ouch. I can’t imagine what my neighbors must think when I screamed out FCK YOU KIT. Kit it wheelchair’s name, like from the old show Knight Rider with David Hasslehoff. Anyway it was far from the wheelchair’s fault but I did say I mean thing about the chair right before the incident occurred. Just saying….

I’m still hoping to have the couple of minutes to put on some makeup and show my new crazy hair cut. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I’m definitely glad I cut it shorter just not sold on the asymmetric cut. Didn’t come out exactly as I thought it would. That’s why I need some makeup. Unfortunately the night got rushed also because I needed to be back by 7, that’s when my aide is off. That wasn’t happening, we were late. Anyway I have to get moving. Hopefully a picture will be at the end. Happy Wednesday


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