The week ahead

The week ahead

It was a non existent hurricane in my area yesterday. Not just non existent but after the rain in the morning we didn’t even have rain. My mom, who lives 13 minutes from me, had rain on and off all day. My friend in the town next to me also had rain all day on and off but not me. It was so strange. The sun even started coming out while my mom was experiencing pouring rain. She didn’t believe me until she and my stepdad brought my car back from their house. We were worried about flooding which my town is more likely to do than their town. This morning with high tide our streets did flood. It wasn’t bad only in certain areas. Luckily they were easy to get around. I had to take my daughter this morning to the train station. We were able to make it to the train without issues. I guess the fact that that it didn’t rain all day yesterday was a saving grace When our streets flood, it can be really really bad on numerous streets. This morning it was only on one Main Street…lucky.

However, this morning was hectic. I slept late. I was exhausted. I didn’t even workout, yet. I was so tired i even went into bed before 9 last night. Even with all that sleep I somehow managed to put my underwear on backwards. I don’t know how I managed to do that. I haven’t even fixed it because that requires me to take off my pants and underwear again. That is too many steps.

I was supposed to do my Covid booster today. I changed the appointment because I have a busy day tomorrow. I have physical therapy and my hair appointment. My mom had a side effect from the shot so I didn’t want to risk feeling lousy on a busy day. I am getting my hair dye touch up, very important, and a haircut, very needed. Lately, when I’m working out my hair keeps getting into my mouth. Since my medication makes my mouth dry sometimes a piece gets stuck and breaks off. I’m constantly pulling little pieces out of my mouth. It’s gross and annoying. Time for a haircut. Back to a shorter version.

I rescheduled the Covid booster for Wednesday. I have therapy on Thursday but that’s it. I don’t want to skip today’s workout in case I need to skip Thursday. I’m planning on sitting with my bionic gym for a few hours. I won’t get my killer workout in but I’ll still be able to get my heart rate raised. That’s another amazing thing about Bionic Gym that it does and once again I highly recommend this to everyone.

I hope everyone has a terrific week ahead. Find something you are looking forward too. Something you know will challenge you. Something you know will motivate you. Make your week positive.

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