Bionic Gym Comparison

Bionic Gym Comparison

Hi everyone, happy hump day. I’ve been wanting to do this comparison of workouts for so long. I did my typical workout. This is from Adapt to Perform. He has so many great workouts on his channel. Each workout is for wheelchair users being he is also confined to a wheelchair. The one I posted above is my go to workout routine 2-3 times a week. I repeat this three times when I do it for a total of a 1 hour cardio workout. This is my cardio routine. I do a different routine for muscle strength. I normally wear my Bionic Gym with this cardio workout. I actually keep the Bionic Gym on for another hour after this workout. I finally did the routine without the Bionic Gym on so you can see the difference.

Without Bionic Gym

This is the routine without my Bionic Gym. You can see, according to my Apple Watch, I worked out for a total of 1:05. I burned a total of 328 calories. My average heart rate was 113. A heart rate of 113 wouldn’t fit in any chart to be considered cardio. The Apple Watch might have said I burned over 300 calories but I wasn’t sweating. I didn’t feel like I was doing a cardio workout.

With Bionic Gym

So here is the same routine, same bed, same amount of time. This time I had the Bionic Gym on my legs. You can see that I burned over 100 more calories in the same amount of time. Yet it was the average heart rate that was impressive. I had an average of 130 for the hour I was working out. That is in my bed doing my arm routine with Bionic Gym running. I not only was sweating but I was in a cardio threshold. I couldn’t achieve cardio levels anymore until I got the Bionic Gym. This is why I always rave about it for anyone disabled. It has made such a difference in my workouts. Hope this helps anyone thinking about one.

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