The bad mood

The bad mood

bad mood
You know those days where everything is just aggravating. One thing right after another. Then you finally get that free minute to sit down and relax, de-stress and bang dog throws up on the rug or your daughter calls asks for a favor and you just loose your sh&t. Ever have those overwhelming days that your just in a Bad mood? Of course you did we all do. We finally snap at what seems pretty petty but because everything during the day seemed to go wrong we just loose our marbels by the end of it.
I once heard a motivational speaker explain a bad mood. He was in a bad mood stopped to get a cup of coffee. Behind the counter Karen was by herself because the other employee didn’t show up yet. So our motivational speaker, we’ll call him John walks and and asks Karen for a latte. Karen is nervous takes a little bit and uses the regular milk instead of non-fat. John starts screaming at Karen. Now Karen is upset in a bad mood. When the other employee Mark gets in Karen screams at him. Now Mark is in a bad mood. Mark’s girlfriend Patricia comes in to say hi and Mark snaps at her about the alarm clock not being set. They get into a big fight and Patricia walks out. Patricia gets home and her cat throws up a hair ball right in front of her. Patricia hits the cat. This is the part in the story where our motivational speaker John says if I just walked in and hit the cat all the other steps could have been avoided.
The point being your mood effects others their mood effects people in their life and so on and so on…when you snap at the innocent person you can set that mood for quite a number of people all because you couldn’t control yourself and snapped at an undeserving person. Think of how the whole story could have went if John said nicely to Karen hey I see your alone and I don’t mean to be difficult but this was supposed to be non-fat milk and then smiled and said I really appreciate you fixing it. Have a better day. Thanks. Just food for thought.

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  1. John should’ve made his own latte at home 🙂
    I’m enjoying your posts. Keep up the good work.

    Love- Russ and fam

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