Sometimes you have to say NO!!!

Sometimes you have to say NO!!!

Sometimes we have every intention to do something. Either we made an appointment or plans with friends or volunteered your time somewhere. However this decision was made a week ago, three days ago or even yesterday. Then you wake up that day and your body doesn’t cooperate. You wake up a little more tired, sore, achy, weak. Yes with every disease listening to your body is extremely important. However how many people who don’t have any disease don’t listen? Stress alone will weaken your body and your body’s immune system. How many times have you pushed and pushed and came down with a killer cold, bronchitis or the flu? Listening to how your body feels is important for everyone disease or not. Yes when I cancel something there is more understanding because I have MS saying NO is easier for me. Most of us with or without MS have a hard time saying NO. How many of you say it? How many times have you felt guilty saying No? What will happen if you cancel? Will the person not talk to you again? My guess is your friends will understand. I’m not talking about your everyday job or when your in a lazy mood. I’m talking about when your body is screaming ENOUGH SHUT DOWN, GO TO BED. They say that when you’re not paying attention to the signs eventually the signs get bigger and louder. So when your body is starting to ache and hurt guess what ignore it and there is that cold, bronchitis or flu. Basically bang now your so sick you have no choice. Sometimes saying NO is the greatest gift you can give yourself.
I learned the lesson this summer. The heat has been very difficult for me this year. Well it’s difficult most years but increasingly this summer. I’ve learned to plan accordingly. I don’t schedule 2 activities in a day because when I do, never fails I’m exhausted going to the second regardless of what it is. Sometimes when I make plans in advance I say yes with a clause providing I’m feeling ok that day. Therefore if I’m having a tough day it’s ok I’ve set the expectation in case I need to cancel. Sometimes saying NO is the best word. Sometimes you have to think about yourself. No one knows you better than you. So take care of yourself say NO as you need to and take care of yourself.

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