A day in the life with MS

A day in the life with MS

multiple sclerosis awareness
Woke up this morning to the phone ringing. It was my mom who is really jealous of my sisters new garden that seems to grow vegetables something her garden refuses to do. After some more mindless chit chat, I hung up with mom and decided to mentally prepare to take my dogs out for their walk. If you read my prior post on walking them this can be a traumatic experience. However today the sun was shining down on me and we had an uneventful walk. Praise the doggy gods for that. Poured my coffee that was finished brewing and put it in my gigantic thermos. On a side note my weekend coffee I add ground cinnamon into the coffee grinds before brewing quite delicious. Anyway did Zumba in a chair for 40 minutes. Feeling good. I’ve been meditating to a weight loss meditation lately but decided to try a new one. I did two. Agni mantra is a weight loss mantra and much more. What the much more is ? No idea. The second one was a mantra repeated 108 times a real chanting one. My daughter thought I was insane and the voice was bizarre. I went to Radio Shack to return something I walked into the store by myself unaided. I get very few of those moments and it was so great. I walked alone, no fall no hobble, walked. Yippee. Then I went to the food store and purchased a few choice items and things went down hill rapidly. I got my 5 bags into the car and drove home but my daughter wasn’t home yet. I had to get the 5 bags from the car to the house…this was an ordeal of monumental proportions. I had to make 2 trips from my car to my house door in the heat. My legs were done from shopping. That took me at least 15 minutes but somehow I did it. Now the next challenge the first 6 of my steps to my apartment doesn’t have a chairlift I threw each bag onto a step while I crawled up those 6 steps. Then I at least got to my lift. I took 3 bags on the first trip on my chairlift dropped them off and proceeded back down for the other 2 by the time I got to the top my front door opens and my daughter walks in. She looked at me sweating from places I didn’t know I can sweat from and was like OMG mom. The little cherub got me to the couch filled my glass of water and got my some watermelon. I’ve been sitting here for about an hour and I may finally have recouped enough energy to get up again. All this and it’s 2:00. A day in the life with Multiple sclerosis .

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  1. Wow. That is intense. It was exciting to read about your victory at radio shack tho. But Maybe the grocery now needs to be done by delivery. We can at least thank the lucky stars that there is now fresh direct and that they come to the top of the stairs! And maybe surrender to that, but keep an eye out for other victories! Thank you for writing and sharing and giving us a further understanding.

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