Why did I start a blog?

Why did I start a blog?


I would love to insert some fabulous answer here that enlightens everyone but I don’t have one. I one day woke up with the idea of starting a blog. I first mentioned the idea to my daughter who was like “ok mom”.  Wasn’t a response dripping in support but coming from a 17 year old one might read into those two words as “that’s an idea”. I knew the one person that would give an honest response was my sister, so I told her.  Now I knew from her I was going to get two responses 1) I think that’s great Phoo Bear (one of my sisters many nicknames for me) and 2) what are you going to write about?  I didn’t know what I wanted to write about so I decided to write about my life. Naming my blog came from my brother in-law. I wanted MS in the title and he came up with Multiple experienceS capitalizing the M and the S. Quite ingenious if you ask me.

I didn’t know the first thing about starting a blog so of course I googled starting a blog and followed a few examples that laid out the specific steps to take.  I had to watch tutorials to understand what I was doing and after a few days of frustration I got the basic hang of it.  Now came the hard part, what to say?  The blog is usually a reflection of something that happened to me the day before.  It’s become like my online journal entry. I try to be honest without being negative.  Since I write my blog in the morning in a way it sets my mind up for the day.  My hope for this blog is to reach people on a topic that they can relate too with or without MS.  I want to help others who struggle daily because in some way we all have struggles that we deal with.  I’ve refrained from blogging too much about the bad moments in a day because I don’t want to give life to the bad moments.  I have MS I have bad days but I’m trying to change the days to moments that pass.  I’d love people to be able to learn or feel a little better reading my blog and that is really why I started it.  The blog will have a life of it’s own.  If anyone ever wants to know something or wants to ask something please feel free as always to connect with me, I’d love to hear from you.  I hope everyone has a happy and stress free day


4 thoughts on “Why did I start a blog?

  1. Hi Jamie. I found your post on Reddit with a link to your blog. I spent the last 30 minutes or so reading your blog posts which has been a fun and enlightening experience.

    The bad times suck, and I’m sorry you have to go through them. But your perseverance is inspiring.

    I’ve subscribed and look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. I am glad to read your blog, glad that you started it.
    I started my bulldoggy blog in January to keep myself writing regularly, develop my craft, and move forward in my life after being stuck for a long time. I told my youngest and her response was something akin to “Hmmm”.
    I found out later that she wanted me to keep writing short stories. She had actually read some of my stuff and liked it. Amazing! I don’t get too many likes from close family. I think they are afraid that if they start reading what I write, they will be obligated to read it all. (Not true.)

    1. My Mom is like that. She’s not subscribed to my site, nor my dad or my step mom for that matter. My moms thinking is she speaks to me 3 times a day what am I writing she doesn’t already know. However when my sister reads her something she calls and says, you know you write really nicely. I’m not a writer but this makes me feel like I’m doing good for someone out there, hopefully.

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