The challenge of something new

The challenge of something new

Well I have to admit there are somethings I stay away from because I have difficulty doing it. People have raved about it to me over and over again and I just shut down and say the four most horrible words “I can’t do it”. As you get to know me I very rarely use my MS as a crutch or as an excuse so when I use words like I can’t do it, it’s really is a defeatist attitude that I try not to have. So I made a purchase yesterday and bought 2 yoga blocks (large size for beginners) and a yoga strap for additional help. I know I will have to accommodate (love that word) for some of the moves but I’m going to leave the I can’t at the door.  My once somewhat flexible body has become ridged and tight and I’m ready to try something new. My new equipment will be here tomorrow and my first yoga try will be Saturday.  I will use my favorite instructor Tony Horton P90X yoga video and will give it a full effort and let you know how it goes. It’s time to strengthen some new parts of this body. As an extra benefit I read somewhere that certain yoga moves can help lift your sagging breasts, hey I’m willing to try for that benefit alone. Maybe one day I’ll be a yogi…

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  1. So proud of this!!! Modify, modify, modify. Benefit not only from the movement, but from the zen it will bring you (and if it doesn’t the first couple of times, keep trying). I love you!

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