MS symptom not in the textbook

MS symptom not in the textbook

It’s not listed in the MS symptom book but I have issues regulating my body temperature. It happens more often then I care to admit to and usually in the morning when I go out for either brunch or breakfast. I get coffee nothing unusual and eat and it causes my body to sweat. Sometimes is only a mild thing other times I’m in a full blown sweat where my hair line is wet my clothes are wet and you’d think I just had a kick ass workout but I’m sitting in a freaking booth trying to enjoy breakfast. As it happened this morning. I mean I was dripping and it is 61 degrees out. I’m wearing a short sleeve top with no jacket so I can’t even say it is because of what I am wearing. I drink hot coffee everyday in a thermos to keep it hot so to say it’s the coffee can’t be right. However the sweating part is still only the beginning. Once I overheat all my MS issues act up so now walking becomes more difficult when I’m leaving. Plus it’s embarrassing for me because you can tell I’m sweating. Then it goes away as fast as it came and I’m left frizzy, wet and just exhausted.  I use to get this only at night, I’d get night sweats like if I was in menopause but I was in my thirties. I’d wake up soaked throwing off clothing changing shirts because my now wet shirt is making me cold. That brings me to the reverse to this when I get too cold and I can’t warm up. I’m wrapped in blankets and sweatshirts and the cold chill won’t leave. I’m forced to take a shower a very hot shower which then activates all the MS symptoms again. Once my body overheats again now I’m stuck in the shower with weakness in my legs and I’ve had to crawl out of a shower on many occasions. Again wrapped up like a mummy trying to sleep to wake up in a full sweat at some point.  It can become a crazy cycle of symptoms. I don’t know why it happens, I never even read it about it. I know the night sweats started one time after I had a steroid infusion followed by starting a new MS drug. Was it the drug, the steroid or MS? Im not sure but the start of that drug was almost 7 years ago and the sweats and cold chill symptoms are still with me. It just makes sense it is one of those strange MS symptoms that I get.

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  1. I have the same issue. Exactly as you described it. I can be hot and sweaty as if it’s menopause and then be cold/freezing and nothing I do warms me up. I first noticed this around the age of 27. Sometimes I feel as though the entire left side of my body is freezing but to the touch it feels normal. My BF thinks I’m crazy! He says it’s not cold but it is I can feel it inside.

    1. Mine is mostly the sweating and it’s ruining my hair for dating lol. The extreme cold is my issue always wearing socks even in summer I need socks to bed.

  2. I go thru that too, and on hot day’s I feel drained like I can’t keep my legs moving,and feel like I’ve been a bar fight,all my bones make me heart from head to toe,Winter I never get warm on my legs and feet and hands and the face be burning up!!!!! But I hurt 24/7 no matter what med. I take!!!!!!

    1. Opposite in winter body is fine hands and feet can’t take the extreme IF they get too cold. I hibernate in summer I can’t handle heat at all

    2. Opposite in winter body is fine hands and feet can’t take the extreme IF they get too ucold. I hibernate in summer I can’t handle heat at all

  3. Hi ladies, I too thought I was the only one with this symptom. It is so unpredictable. Years ago, before I diagnosed with MS I had a hysterectomy, my Gyn warned me about hot flashes, well they never came. I got the “cold” flashes instead. It was mid-summer and I had the heat on in my office and was wearing thermals under my clothes. This went on for a few years. Now, it alternates with what my doc calls “flushes”. I asked him what was the difference and he said one letter :). Seriously, I sympathize with you. No one knows much about this and there doesn’t seem to be anything to address it. I think, unless you go thru it, one couldn’t possibly understand. I feel that when I am sweating I have to explain to folks around me, otherwise I am embarrassed. I will continue to research this matter. I wish you luck, cool breezes when you need them.

    1. I’m mortified I look like I just ran 4 miles except I’m sitting there. I must say I’ve got many emails from people with the same thing they’ve told me. One said its called autonomic dysfunction.

  4. Hi, I just had an afterthought. I don’t know if this is related, but, I never drank much, maybe a glass of wine with dinner every now and then. Quite a long while ago I noticed that when I did drink, now even a sip, I started to heat up. Face and ears got red and felt hot, I started to sweat on my forehead and face, actually from the neck up and my legs got weak. Then it started to happen with cocktails and salad dressing made with vinegar. Just wondering, has this also happened to any of you?

  5. I get those sweats and they tied it to the steroids for an MS attack I had that has caused my diabetes. Apparently diabetes causes the same thing. And I did start menopause at thirty seven. Can you spell Murphy’s Law?

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