A multiple sclerosis life coach

A multiple sclerosis life coach

When you go to group meetings on the specific subjects, normally you talk about that subject. When I joined my MS support group,  I guess I thought it would be more of a round circle kind of discussion group. I’ve definitely have walked away with information that is very useful.  I’ve made friends that have been a wonderful additions.  I just thought it would be more of a support group of people talking of issues, frustrations and feelings. I didn’t want to do therapy because I was looking for a group of people not really individualized sessions.  I’ve heard of one group but that’s the problem, I only heard of it can’t seem to find information on it. The others thing is my spirituality take on things. I can’t go to a group of Debbie Downers and walk away feeling worse then when I arrived. Then was my question do I want a group, would that upset me more? Would it be fitting to where I am with my MS?

My sister wants me to talk to her life coach. Her life coach is a fertility life coach. I trust my sister completely and believe that if she thinks someone is really good, they usually are. However, I have a life coach. My life coach is 100% on my spiritual path but way, way, way more advanced. That’s why she’s the coach. I’ve talked to her many times about my MS and issues I have. Mainly the fear of the future which is 50% of the issues and frustration of the symptoms, carrying the remaining 50%. My sister did say something that struck a chord, maybe if you learn the techniques of a coach, you can help people like you. I WANT TO HELP PEOPLE. That’s why I started a blog, well that and to hear myself speak uninterrupted. ☺️  I can’t be the only person out there that needs to vent or cry. I can’t be the only person out there frustrated that I am 45 dealing with some of the symptoms I have to deal with. I can’t be the only person out there afraid.

People have busy lives, and it’s no different for people with MS. I was divorced, raising a kid, working full time and battling a disease. My cup was over flowing. I certainly could have used someone to talk to back then, but I never had the time, but I could have made a phone call. It would have been nice to talk to someone who has been there, understood what I was going through, even if they just listened. They had the same disease, similar challenges, someone who wasn’t just empathizing or worse sympathizing. A person who literally walked in my shoes. I could have used that, I STILL can use that. I’ve always just wanted to help others, but first I need to help myself. My sister might have just given me my future. As the universe teaches, now I need to find the next logical step.

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  1. That’s what my best friend says. She is going through a painful separation and divorce and said that I have to help myself before I can help others. I respect that.

  2. I understand your frustration! I’ve been very fortunate to find two very good MS self-help groups. One in Gig Harbor Washington and one in Hendersonville North Carolina. I too wanted to give back and share some of my newfound knowledge to help others. So I became a co leader in both self-help groups. It helped me do research for myself as well as sharing it with others. I have found camaraderie with other members of the self-help group very important. But I am sure every self-help group is not the same. It might take a little research to find someone that’s best for you.

    1. I love my group but it’s not really a support group, more of an information group.i think I need for the support a different road for that. That’s what I meant. This group I go to isn’t for that kind of emotional support.

        1. You have support from God, I have support from the universe. We are supported by a lot of strength. I’m now going to ask the universe how I can serve to support others. I hope people can one day turn to me as well as God or their universe.

  3. I have been living with this crap since 1988. I am a lucky one, strong willed and resilient. Some days are great and some days I just want to stay in the bed. I will build my brain back!

    1. You’re my inspiration. We live our life in a constant state of battle. Hoping for the good days, which by definition, are just days slightly more tolerable. I love hearing from other MS warriors, it makes me feel less alone in the battle. Hoping today is a good day for you.

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