Forgetting to stop and smell the roses

Forgetting to stop and smell the roses

I have a very specific schedule in the morning. I wake up I brush my teeth first, feed the dogs as brew my coffee, I pour my coffee, and I work out.  Before I pick up my iPad, iPhone or anything else, I pick up my Course in Miracles book. The lesson for the day is always where I begin. I use to meditate right after, but since I got the puppy, that has gone out the window. Instead, I close my eyes for ten minutes or so going over the days lesson and my daily affirmations. It centers me, clears my head for the day ahead. This is everyday!!!  Except Sunday, and the only difference is I don’t workout. Yesterday, I did something different.

Every Tuesday night, Marianne Williamson gives a free online lecture talk on A Course in Miracles. . I didn’t listen to it live on Tuesday so I decided to play it while I worked out yesterday. Maybe it was the lecture or the fact I was working out but her lecture just resonated with me this week. What stood out was she said a “miracle worker recognizes that a miracle is possible”.

I’ve been borderline negative lately, for no specific reason, but I’ve felt it. I’ve been attacking myself in my blogs about my weight. You can scroll and see three different posts about weight I’ve made in the last two weeks. That’s nothing compared to what my private thoughts had been. The line Marianne said about the miracle worker was so strong because I stopped seeing miracles. By miracles I mean the miracles in everyday life. I stopped being thankful lately and I stopped being in awe of the miraculous things that surround us everyday. I use to everyday, in my morning affirmations, say thank you for things around me. Some days it was simply thanking God for my coffee pot that I was able to enjoy my coffee, but I always had something. I stopped being thankful and I’m not even sure when.

When was the last time you sat, took a breath and realized, what an amazing machine our body is? Our body functions, most of the time (chronic diseases set aside) on its own without you thinking about it. You breathe , move, touch, smell, hear, taste and feel without any thoughts a million times a day. Food turns to energy inside our body. We procreate, sometimes for fun, but sometimes to make babies. We create life. We were able to watch a giraffe give birth on a live feed that was watch by millions of people through technology.  The trees outside grow without any help. A beautiful rose bush grows from a seed. Every year a tulip comes from a bulb planted from a prior year.  I’m growing lettuce and tomatoes through a lamp.            It’s amazing how many miracles are around us. It is amazing what is possible in life. These are the things that her lecture brought back to mind. These everyday miracles. The ability to see that a miracle is possible is because you recognize the miracles around you everyday. This is where I stepped off my path. I’ve forgotten to stop and smell the roses.

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