I’m still Vegan, except my coffee

I’m still Vegan, except my coffee

I haven’t talked about this topic in a while. Yep, I am still vegan,  except my coffee. I’m still adding a little bit of half-and-half, so shun me.  I  just cannot handle that non-dairy milk alone in my coffee cup. Other than that, I have no issues, no cheats, no tastes no nothing. My weight? Well I gave up my scale and I checked in this month and it’s holding steady at 150.5 lbs. Not my thinnest number but definitely my steady number. Hey, I had to stop working out back in June due to tendonitis, so 4 months later weight is the same, I’ll take it. I tried to work out again. Sitting in my chair doing my Cize by Shaun T, arms flailing about like a muppet without coordination thanks to my MS. I thought OMG my shoulder isn’t hurting it feels ok. So I tried a second day, and a third and took a break. By the next week when I tried again my shoulder pain came back and hasn’t left yet. I’m hoping it heals without another cortisone shot but so far it’s not looking good.

In all honesty, I weighed myself yesterday because I put on a pair of jeans that I haven’t worn since last year. Washed and not worn, I knew they needed a little stretching as clothes do but was concerned that they didn’t feel as roomie as they should. The scale said all is well but I was still concerned. Understand they fit fine, I could pull them off without unbuttoning them as I always do, but because I’m mental they seemed a tad tighter. I haven’t been on a vegan diet although I eat vegan. I’ve been eating sprouted pretzels, (vegan)and cookies(vegan) everyday. Not very dietetic. Therefore I’m not losing weight as a vegan eater but I’m not gaining either which is a plus. Not all vegans are thin. There is actually tons of vegan junk food out there. Luckily I’m only hooked on two things although I think I’m over the cookies.

I made a yummy mushroom casserole, split pea soup and lentil bolognese this week.

Forks over Knives vegan lentil bolognese

I like to post recipes on Sunday and the split pea will be this weeks recipe.  I’m enjoying cooking. I’m enjoying the foods I make. I’m enjoying being vegan. I like it. I don’t feel weighed down after a meal. If I’m good, I could even lose weight. Go figure. Anyway just my vegan check in for the month.

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