I’m officially unpacked

I’m officially unpacked

It’s official, all my boxes are unpacked. My daughters room still has a couple, but she’ll get to them when she’s ready. For me, and God bless my aid, all mine are gone. I am never moving again. If for any reason I do I will pay the extra money to have them pack and unpack. Now it’s just a matter of organization of where I put some stuff. Changing certain places or positions of spices, pans or maybe cups. Notice all the organization is for the kitchen. I haven’t cooked yet that’s why. Today I have my first food delivery. There is not a stitch of food here. Yesterday my friend actually cooked dinner and brought it over for me. It was really good and we had a wonderful time. She actually knows more about my kitchen then I do now. Today after the food delivery comes I have to cook. I’m still meaning to maintain a mostly vegan diet just add a little chicken and fish here and there. However I’d like to keep the higher fiber foods that I was eating when I was vegan.

I never went to my neurologist last week. Tomorrow I go to my regular doctor and I’m starting there. He’s going to run the blood work to see what’s going on with the weight-loss. So far since October 23 I’ve lost a total of .6. Being that I’ve been on weight watchers probably half of my life, something is very wrong with that. I’m hoping now that everything settle in the house maybe it was just stress. Maybe my body was just holding on to the weight because I was in the stressful state. It’s not unheard of however it was just holding onto it for a long time. Recently I have to admit I haven’t been very good. I gave up a little bit this last week. I’ve been eating cookies that are not vegan and chocolate. I guess I just hit a point of frustration. I’ve had to stop taking the high dose until I get the blood work drawn again. This way I can tell for sure if it was or wasn’t my thyroid. I’ll know more about that tomorrow.

Today I’m just so grateful that there’s no more boxes. I’m grateful I don’t have to pack a box either. My home is now complete and I can just sit back and enjoy it. That is such a freeing feeling and I been waiting for this since September when this all started. As comfortable and at home as I feel here, I looked it around sometimes and I can’t believe this is mine. I’m so happy. This will be my last post on my moving experience too. Now that it’s all done there’s nothing more to say. That’s another big plus.

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