MS without the high dose Biotin

MS without the high dose Biotin

I haven’t taken a high dose biotin in about a 2 1/2 weeks. I have to admit there is a change. The only thing with MS, you just don’t know what the actual culprit is. I’ve been very weak in both my hip area and my thigh area. That’s causing a greater difficulty than normal getting up if I’m down on the floor. I’ve also had major fatigue again. Where I was sitting down and my eyes start closing whether I want them to or not. Here’s the part where you can’t say for sure, is it the biotin or is it just me having MS? I just can’t answer that question. I’m really won’t know that answer until I maybe start taking taking the Biotin again. Even at that point, it could still be argued it wasn’t the Biotin. Now I’m fully unpacked, my house is together and so much pressure has come off of my shoulders that that alone could start to make me feel better. I’ve had multiple sclerosis for over 20 years and there’s still so much unknown with what affects me, how it affects me and why it affects me. I know I could say I always felt the biotin was making a huge difference. I was a firm believer in that. My neurologist used to say you don’t think it could be anything else like the Rituxan, that I was taking at the time, and I’d turn around and say nope I think it’s the biotin. Hopefully today we take all the blood work and I can start taking it again. I feel no matter what even if it shows a bad result, and I have to see a specialist, I could just stop again. I really don’t think my thyroid is the problem now. However, I knew I had to do the right thing so there wasn’t that false negative in my blood work.

I know today is not gonna give me any answers as to what’s going on and why I can’t all of a sudden lose weight. It’s frustrating. I know whatever is going on has nothing to do with food. I know I don’t eat enough to put on weight and I eat enough that I should be losing weight. I’m not in some crazy starvation mode. I eat healthy most of the time except for this last week. When I went back to weight watchers I thought I just needed a little portion control. I thought that once I put that portion control that losing weight would be a snap. I never expected to be here almost 3 months later losing a total of .6. Anyway, right now it is what it is. I know a couple things it’s not and hopefully today some more can be decided what it’s not and keep trying to figure out what might be wrong. Not much more I can do. As far as the biotin goes, I still believe my body will react and feel better when it’s back in my system. I’ll write another post about it in another week and tell you my findings.

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