Swollen toes and feet and fungus…yuck

Swollen toes and feet and fungus…yuck

I slept in this morning. It was nice. I think even my dogs were still tired because both of them remained snuggled up next to me in bed. I woke up again with a headache. The good news is is that regular aspirin helps and then it goes away, the bad news is that I think this is my fifth or sixth day waking up with a headache. This time I think it’s a little more weather related because it’s an overcast day in New York.

I’m going to a podiatrist tomorrow. Over a year ago I got a fungus getting a pedicure. I’ve tried many different creams and nothing has worked. My dermatologist didn’t know what else to do. My regular doctor said what he really would like to give me he can’t because of my multiple sclerosis it’s not good on my liver. He wants me to see a podiatrist. It also affects my pinky toe and I get blisters that turn green because they get infected. Yesterday I woke up and my toe was just bleeding. It’s all red, bruised and swollen. Hopefully he could do something because it’s getting really bad. It hurts too. Hard to wear a shoe with swollen toes.

Speaking of swollen toes, my feet are swelling again. Considering I was in the ER for all this and they found nothing, I don’t know what to say. I have noticed this over the past couple of weeks that every now and then my feet are swelling. I’ve taken the water pill my neurologist has prescribed, at the time of the big incident, and that helps. Next week I see the specialist and I’ll see what her thoughts are. MS is enough to deal with. I don’t like this getting older stuff being added to the mix.

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