Going back to a Plant-based/ vegan diet

Going back to a Plant-based/ vegan diet

I physically see my neurologist tomorrow, but she wrote back to me in my email that I sent to her. She said that it’s she has heard of some of her MS patients getting swelling in the calves, ankles and feet area for some unknown reason. Her only concern is why it came on so suddenly with me and now seems to be an issue. My guess is it was coming on a little slowly but then got really bad when I flew. She 100% agrees with taking a water pill but would like to know if there was any other medical reasons that this could happen. Since I wrote about seeing the podiatrist, who thought it could possibly be Raynaud’s syndrome, I need to see a vascular doctor. One thing I know and one thing I read is everything says diet, diet, diet. I was vegan for almost a year and I certainly don’t remember any swelling, so I made the decision to go back.

I have to admit it wasn’t just this reason. I’ve been going back-and-forth with going back to that type of diet anyway. I have a habit of going to the extremes. When I started putting fish and chicken back into my food intake, before you knew it all I was eating was chicken and fruit. I was eating no vegetables. I was eating nothing else and consuming so much chicken again. Not that that this was high in calories or completely a wrong way to be, but I was eating no carbs either. It just wasn’t a balanced diet. I had no fiber in my diet. I still had a high fruit intake so I had a lot of sugar. You could see that it wasn’t the right way to eat. I’ve been going back-and-forth from long time about going back especially when weight watchers rolled out there freestyle plan, so much of a vegan diet or a plant-based diet, (to me they’re really one and the same), was on that free food list.

Well I made the decision after I saw the podiatrist, I’m going to try and see if that helps. I know I have to see if it’s gonna help my digestion track again because that’s a mess. I’m not going to make it difficult, when I go out with family I’ll eat a piece fish or chicken. I’m not vegan for social reasons. Trust me if I watch all those movies I really could be, It’s why I’ll never watch them. I’m doing this only for health reasons and for that reason I could be flexible when I’m going out with my family. When I’m home I can eat the way I want to eat. I think that’s the balance that I’ve been missing my going one way or the other. So it starts now.

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