No questions for my neurologist

No questions for my neurologist

My mother sent me a text yesterday to write down the questions I have for the neurologist. It’s been 20 years, what questions do I still have for the neurologist? I know the research, I know what’s out there and I know what I’m on. Unfortunately, there is nothing for secondary progressive and therefore there is nothing that will stop the MS progression at this point.

I’m very positive, but I’m also a realist. I’m not gonna run around with rainbows and fairy dust saying my MS is going to be magically cured. My belief system is is that I’m not gonna let MS dictate my life. I’m not gonna let MS call the shots , stop me from doing things, or depress me every day of my life. However, MS does not have a cure. So to sit and say “I’m going to get better” is not a realistic statement. I try to stay in the parameters that I have and be positive with the things that are thrown at me. That’s the best I can do. I’m positive how I deal with my MS.

When my mom asked that question, part of me thought it was just ridiculous. Although she meant regarding the swelling in my legs. This is something that’s been going on which may or may not be related to MS. My mom knows there’s are not many questions I can ask my doctor anymore. I already spoke to my neurologist via email about the swelling in my legs so she’s made aware prior to me coming in. Her thought was really the same thought as my primary doctor, the ER doctors, and my other neurologist, that it may very well be the MS. However she wanted to just rule out any other possibility. On April 17, I have an appointment with a vascular doctor. As far as asking any MS related questions, there’s nothing to really ask. I know we’re not changing my medicine, I know there is no cure or magic pill to make me feel better, I know what all the neurological test results will show and I know that when I leave the doctor my hope is no different then before I went. So, no I have no more questions for my neurologist.

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