Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday

The minions in Saugerties. I loved this. It was out front of someone’s home but I made my step dad stop so I could get a picture. I love minions, how cute is this? We also went by the park and they had the most incredible mums.

This was only a part but it was just so pretty. I love this life up here. So different then the suburbs of Long Island 3 hours away.

I’m going to my retreat later this afternoon. I have no idea how I’ll be able to blog over the next five days. They might be small paragraphs but I can’t imagine radio silence. I’m excited but nervous. Not for the retreat, because I’m there with my wheelchair alone for the first day. I hate not knowing layouts I get nervous. I’m a creature of habit, I can’t help that. I’m comfortable in my home in my surroundings. I fear the unknown. Plus meals are buffet. Can’t drive a electric wheelchair and hold a plate. I’m getting nervous just writing this. I am sure I will get lots of support but I still get the nerves.

Anyway enough on that, this is going to be great I’m glad I’m going. Nerves put aside. Have a happy Sunday to everyone.

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