Back Spasms

Back Spasms

One of the most common of MS symptoms are spasms. They can range from mild to severely painful. I know many people with both extremes. I am considered mild. I have them in my legs mostly but also in my back. It’s my back spasms that can have the highest degree of range.

On a good day I may have a few spasms in the whole day. A bad day I’ll have a few spasms every hour. Even the spasms can range in severity. I get a warmth that spreads from my left side to my right side. Sometimes it could be so intense it paralyzes my back through to my hands for a split second. For the last couple of days, they’ve been intense. I’ve been having the spasms often and the intensity ranges from just the warmth in my back to the paralyzing feeling into my hand. It’s always the same too, always into my right hand. It’s actually better when I lay down, last night I slept the whole night didn’t even wake up once. I just can’t get out of bed because then the spasms are in my legs, but that’s my typical way every day. Got to love MS.

Every night I take both the Neurontin and baclofen as a preventative to both spasms and twitches. I also take flexerol which is why I can sleep. It’s also why I probably think it’s better at night when I lay down. That medicine makes me sleepy. I try not to take the Neurontin or the baclofen during the day because I find that it makes me a little loopy which I find more difficult for someone who already has balance issues. Unfortunately, that means I deal with it more during the day. It’s just another thing I just have to suffer through. It is just another day in the life with MS.

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    1. I don’t work and I have the card for medical marijuana but haven’t done anything with it. It’s so unpredictable in the back. More so in the legs. Everyday when I get up. I deal…

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