An end to a stressful week

An end to a stressful week

Today my van is getting delivered back to me. It seems that the circuit breakers under the floor were water logged. I can’t explain how but the switches needed to be replaced. They kept the car for an extra day testing everything out and hopefully this won’t be a problem again.

I am doing my Rituxan infusion later this evening but I am doing at home. That makes a five plus hour infusion so much better. I get to be in my chair, hanging with my dogs and watching my own shows. It just can’t get better than that for a long infusion. It is a full dose infusion 1000mg and hopefully the infusion side effects won’t be so bad.

However the best part of today is my daughter is coming home from college for her spring break. She’ll be home for the entire week. I got her to stay home tonight and keep me company during my infusion. After today I’m sure my visits will be fleeting moments in between the boyfriend but that’s ok. I get to see her cute face every morning for a week.

Wishing everyone a happy Friday.

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