Go me…a good MS day!!!!

Go me…a good MS day!!!!

I went in my pool yesterday for the first time in almost 4 months. It’s the first time I even swam since the middle of January when I was away. My elevator was broken for so long and it is my elevator that is attached to the building with the pool. For me in my wheelchair, I have to go outside to get to the pool when my elevator is broken because otherwise there are steps. Other people wouldn’t have that issue. They could stay inside the whole time. It’s cold in the winter to have to go outside when your wet from a pool. Therefore when my elevator broke I stopped going. My elevator has been fixed for a while now but I still wasn’t swimming. I started again with my Zumba and beachbody workouts. I found it easier then changing into a bathing suit, showering, getting dressed again and doing my hair. Remember I have MS and those spoons we get each day? That is a huge depletion. So I wasn’t swimming.

I had to shower and wash my hair so I thought about swimming. I had OT to start my day and when I got home I was tired. I sat down and had my lunch and rested. I originally decided I wasn’t going to swim but as I rested I realized I wanted to go in the pool. This was after a morning of OT and I got in my pool and it felt really good. I got right into the swing of it and found my rhythm. I swam 15 laps and did these ladder to ladder exercises. Overall I swam for 31 minutes and did 41 lengths according to my Fitbit. Go me!!!! I still showered, got dressed and did my hair. I wasn’t even super fatigued as I even thought I’d be. I must say i slept well. I would say yesterday was a good day. I was proud of myself and wanted to share. Happy hump day!

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