Weight watchers week 1

Weight watchers week 1

I was perfect this week. I tracked my food each day. I was within my point range. I didn’t consume my weekly points. I worked out to the best of my ability 5 days this week. I stayed off the scale so I didn’t let it dictate how I ate. I was excited to weight in at the end of the week. My result…I gained 1.2 pounds. I kid you not.

At first I was like WTF but realized this isn’t my first week dieting. It’s my first week back on weight watchers. I still eat mostly vegan but I had fish this week. I also had yogurt. I bought it at the grocery store because I was craving it. Now it is in my refrigerator. It was a change to my diet but that isn’t why I gain weight. It’s because even with my workout in the morning, I have MS and I am mostly immobile.

On days I don’t workout or do weights instead of my chair Zumba. I walk about 2000 steps or less. I consume 1200 calories a day but my body is just not burning enough of a calorie deficit to lose weight. When I did Keto, I lost weight at first but quickly plateaued about 6 pounds lighter than I am now. The 10 pound weight gain that I’m constantly bitching about came on because of my lack of mobility throughout the day.

I realized something though, I eat healthy about 90% of the time. I’m not perfect and I have my days or weekends when I’m fed up with dieting. Yet I am somewhat a creature of habit eating the same type of food day in and day out. My body isn’t perfect and it might never be but I’m eating right and exercising. I’m doing good things for my body most of the time. I can only do my best and accept myself for where I am today and not worry so much about tomorrow. If I keep doing the right thing hopefully it will all catch up.

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