I can’t take these migraines

I can’t take these migraines

I’ve been plagued with these migraines for years and years. I remember when they first started. I was driving home from a meeting and was in heavy traffic. I started to notice my right eye blocking out part of the license plate in front of me. Thankfully I was in traffic because I started freaking out. I didn’t know anything about auras at the time but I knew optic neuritis. I thought I was having the start of an MS relapse or something. As the aura started going away the migraine started. I just assumed it was from me trying to correct my vision while driving, straining my eyes. That was the beginning.

When the migraines kept coming and lasting for days my neurologist put me on Keppra. I was on that for years and it helped most of the time. For me when I get migraines, I may get an aura but what makes it bad is they could last for days. The pain might not be intense but when you have a constant throbbing pain for a couple of days you start to go crazy.

About 5 years ago my migraines started lasting from a couple of days to 5-6 days. I spent more time with a migraine than without. My doctor switched my medicine to topiramate which made a huge difference. He also gave me eletriptan for when I get a migraine to knock it out. However I only get 6 of those a month so I horde them. Needless to say this combination works great most of the time.

Yesterday I got migraine that carried over until today. I can take Ibuprofen around the clock that may work to quiet it enough or take a migraine pill. I just hate the feeling of these headaches. I was told from the beginning it was swelling of my lesions that cause the migraines. I still don’t know if that is true or not. I’m taking my migraine pill because I’m off to therapy this morning but man these things suck.

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      1. ok i have about close to 30 yrs more experience than you with this great thing called ms.i have always tried somethind new if it doesn’t do anything then stop doing it.i always hate thinking what if.good luck.

          1. Go girl,I have 3 daughters and my oldest is undergoing tests for Ms and it has been about 2 yrs and they are hesitant to give a definite Ms diag.she is in her fortys ,very frustrating.ok take care.

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