I’m getting a new wheelchair

I’m getting a new wheelchair

Another good day with good news for me. My insurance is covering for a new Hooveround MPV5.

I bought my original one used a few years ago and I loved it but it always had issues. First of all it doesn’t drive straight. The chair’s steering was always messed up and to get it to go straight meant I had to steer slightly to the right. Sometimes if I went to fast I zigzagged and ran over peoples feet. The other issue was the tires which never seemed to hold air correctly. It caused me to buy a little rechargeable air pump which has come in handy for other things but was mainly for the wheelchair.

In the handicap van I have this locking system for a wheelchair when it replaces a seat or when it is parked behind a seat. The hooveround technique was compatible but the mpv5 was not. It is the same chair but the technique can hold heavier people. That’s how this all started. When I first started using the van I thought locking down the wheelchair was difficult, it is not at all. We were already doing all the paperwork so I continued on. After all my current wheelchair was far from good shape and I’m in it all the time. I was approved for the mpv5 not the technique because I’m too small. That’s fine. Locking in the wheelchair really is extremely simple. I’m happy to be able to qualify for a new chair that will work properly and is paid for by insurance. Im going to keep my old chair for emergencies just Incase. My chair is being delivered next Friday.

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