And we’re back, it’s Monday again, doesn’t it seem to happen so fast? I just find the weekends go so quick and I don’t even work anymore. I’m not really complaining because each day is similar for me but on the weekends I’m kind of my own which I generally come to appreciate. I won’t lie, the weekends can be very difficult because no one is usually here. So I lie very very low and usually do very little. I still exercise but I exercise in the house. I’m not allowed to go to the pool unaccompanied. Even though I feel like I could do it, it’s a safety thing and I respect my mother’s wishes. I also don’t go to the gym downstairs because in the gym I really do need somebody’s help. Therefore I exercise in the house which is fine. Doesn’t mean I don’t exercise hard, at least hard as I can. Yesterday I did 51 minutes of Zumba. Even though I’m not standing, I still exhaust myself pretty significantly. As anybody with multiple sclerosis would know, it doesn’t take much. After I get over the initial fatigue of exercise, it sets back in later and doesn’t go away. It is a good thing I am home.

I like pushing myself especially when I’m not doing anything else for the day. I mean why not? What is an hour when your sitting around the rest of the day. That’s how I view things. I wish I could still stand up for the exercises but I can’t. I sit in my oversized comfy chair that has some bounce for when I bop. I probably look like a muppets with it’s strings all tangled up but the only ones looking are my Marshmallow and Zoey and they don’t seem to mind

Today I’m off to double therapy. This is not something that I do often. This is 2 hours of therapy, talking about pushing it!!! I’ll be tired after this but it’s Monday and I have a week to recover until the next one. Here I go, happy Monday.

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