Are migraines contagious?

Are migraines contagious?

My poor daughter is also plagued with migraines and she had a terrible one yesterday. She was supposed to cover someone at work but couldn’t make it in. Her migraines are made worse by her cochlear implants. If she catches them in time and takes aspirin sometimes they could be avoided. She couldn’t yesterday. When this happens the only thing she could do is take off her Cochlear’s and sleep. The cochlear implants cause additional pressure to her head making her headaches worse. She needs them off her head and silence. Luckily with them off she hears nothing. She slept for 5 hours yesterday evening and felt better when she woke up.

My migraines are totally different than hers yet we get them a lot at the same time. My migraines can last for days and sleep doesn’t help. It can be in one part of my head or all over but seems to always make my right eye feel twitchy the worse it is. My migraines are many times caused and in conjunction with spasticity and cause tightening through my back that it can hurt. Sometimes the migraine doesn’t go away until the muscles release. My migraines sometimes can ease up with aspirin but they only get quieter never fully go away. I’ve had migraines for 5+ days at a time. I can be very frustrating. It is like a gnawing in your brain. Not terrible pain at times but never gone.

Where we are alike is we both can get auras. Both of our auras effect our sight where we might not be able to see out of one of our eyes until it passes. This doesn’t always lead to a migraine but this we both have. Very scary when it happens especially if your driving. It isn’t like you can’t see, you can just something is blocking your field of vision. The first time it happened I thought it was optic neuritis again. That was my first MS symptom and many people have experienced it.

I awoke today with a terrible migraine. I took both ibuprofen and my migraine medicine and neither has helped it go away It is just quieter. I know migraines aren’t contagious!!! However. I don’t know if in the case with my daughter if it’s hereditary. I was told mine is swelling of brain lesions and spasticity and my daughter has cyclic migraines since she was a baby. What triggers the migraines for both of us is similar that’s all I know. I think it is the humidity in the air today. I’ll get better. I’m use to dealing with the pain.

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  1. Hi,
    I have lived with migraines for 20 years now. I was told that they are hereditary and two of my three kids had them. For my kids, they began at the onset of puberty, which I was told is pretty normal. They mostly grew out of them, getting them only occasionally now.
    I’m not sure if it will help, but my Neurologist suggested Niacin and Riboflavin for the kids; saying the migraine drugs I use are too powerful for a child-but that those supplements can help thwart them. Also not sure if it will help, but of mention is MGraine essential oil by Young Living. If I use it at first onset, it will sometimes prevent the migraine from taking hold; it works awesome for my chronic headaches!! Sorry you guys suffer. It’s the worst to live with migraines, but far worse to watch your kids suffer with them.
    I hope my suggestions don’t offend or upset you, forgive me if they do. I know I get exhausted by people suggesting homeopathic remedies as cure all’s. I just figured I’d throw in my two cents; anything (real) that lessens a migraine is valuable to me!!


    1. Not at all. I am a Doterra girl and love my natural oils but they haven’t helped my migraines or hers. Not sure if it isn’t because we don’t catch it early enough or what but they don’t help.
      She has had them since she’s been an infant. She’s wake up and throw up and sleep all day then be fine. Diagnosed with cyclitic migraines that would probably worsen as she ages. So far they haven’t but it seems like the same pattern every 3-4 months she gets a terrible migraine.
      Mine I believe are linked to my MS.
      I am going to recommend those supplements to her since she’s 20 and doesn’t listen as well as she use too.
      Thank you so much for your comments I can’t tell you how much they are appreciated.

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