Fatigue is in all parts of the body

Fatigue is in all parts of the body

Today is mahjong. I’m very excited I didn’t play last week. I’ve been very focused in the gym working my core to help me with the forward and backward movements in the game. I can normally make it through 3 1/2 hours of play but I still have issues and fatigue by the end. It isn’t as bad as the beginning when I first started to play.

It is amazing what will fatigue the body. If I do a workout in the gym all upper body, even though my legs did nothing, if the arms fatigue, the legs fatigue. It’s the same with swimming. I forget to kick a lot of the time. It is mostly my arms doing all the work but coming out of the pool, it is the fatigue in the legs that make it difficult to get out.

Many people don’t understand this. If one part fatigues, the whole body fatigues. It isn’t like I could do a hand cycle and expect only the fatigue in my arms. MS doesn’t work like that. I hear it a lot especially since I do Zumba in a chair. I always hear the comment well if your sitting that shouldn’t tire you out. Well it does and it does a lot. My body doesn’t work like your body. It doesn’t follow the normal path of sweat, recovery and feeling fine. Sometimes a workout can knock me out for the day. Part of managing MS is knowing your body and your limits. I hate being compared to the healthy you of the world, we aren’t the same. I wish we were.

I never workout on mahjong days. I know my limits and I’d never be able to play the afternoon if I was tired from a workout. Today is my day off to enjoy my day and the fun of mahjong. I love the people I play with and the game. Tomorrow I’m back in the pool with my new waterproof headphones thanks to Dix’s recommendation https://www.wheniswimfoundation.com/. Check his site out.

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  1. Hi, Great blog as always! So true people don’t get it when it comes to MS fatigue. When I swim, sound familiar šŸ™‚ I don’t use my legs at al, though when I get out I can barley stand up even with two canes. People will always say to me, oh I get fatigued too, I just look at them and say No you don’t. They don’t get it, but I don’t blame them. Let me know how you new Finis Duo works for your šŸ™‚ Best – Dix

  2. Forgot to Thank you for the plug on my foundation, Your Blog is doing so much for all of us out here šŸ™‚

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