Gastroenterologist visit again

Gastroenterologist visit again

Back to the gastroenterologist this morning. Unfortunately the medicine Linzess in the current dosage is not doing the job. I’m on the middle dose of 145mg. He wanted to start me at the highest dose and I got nervous. My bad!!!!

It seemed to work at first, I was having a bowel movement daily but they became smaller and smaller until it was virtually nothing. Then it stopped altogether. Just stopped. I’m back to not going again. I haven’t for the last 6 days and now i have bloat and a uncomfortable belly. Fortunately, I had to postpone my doctor appointment by another week and that’s when this all stopped so I’m able to tell him what’s going on as opposed to the week when it was virtually stopping. Ny guess is the higher dosage but I’m not the doctor.

He didn’t believe me when I told him that my body may start something and then stop working like it’s done 1 million times with all these different fiber pills that I’ve taken. He said that won’t happen with the prescription, however it seems to of happened. I am just hoping I can find something that works. This is a very uncomfortable feeling and I just want it to be fixed. I’ll come back and update my blog later with the outcome.

**Update not only was Linzess set to the higher dosage of 290mg. He added Amiciza with it also to be taken twice a day. We need to find the right combination. I’m waiting until the weekend to try them together just in case of accidents.

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  1. Yes, keep us posted. Thanks for talking about all the issues you deal with, you are n to alone. As yo probable read on my webpage, MS also stands for Multiple Symptoms, why? because MS affects the CNS , so where ever there are lesions we have issues. MS = Multiple Scaring, MS = Multiple Symptoms, MS = Multiple Stories
    Best – Dix

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